Transporting Pet Cats and Dogs from Sri Lanka to United Arab Emirates (UAE)

When exporting pets from Sri Lanka to United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.), PET EXPRESS can handle the complete relocation process and offer a premier door-to-door export service. We work regularly with international pet relocation agents for pet exports in to UAE. PET EXPRESS is a member of IPATA and our expert team will handle the complete relocation process until the pets safely arrive in the required destination airport in UAE. If required, we can handle the import clearance in UAE for you and also arrange a door-delivery.

Our valued customers are assigned their dedicated pet travel consultant who help you through each stage of the procedure. So when you are interested in relocating your precious pets from Colombo, Sri Lanka in to UAE (i.e. Dubai, Abu Dhabi) our team will hold your hand from start to finish.  Information about the import conditions could be discussed directly with your assigned pet relocation consultant at PET EXPRESS team.


  • The pet should be microchipped before receiving any vaccines.
  • The pet should be vaccinated for Rabies and DHLPP/PCH within the last 12 months at the time of arrival in to the UAE.
  • The pet should receive the Rabies vaccination afterwards at the youngest age of 03 months.
  • Wait for minimum 30 days and do an OIE approved RNATT and upon passing the RNATT the pet has to complete minimum 12 weeks before flying to UAE
  • The pet needs to have a valid UAE ministry issued import permit to land in Dubai or any other airport. Pets are not quarantined upon arrival.
  • All pets must arrive in UAE as Manifested Air Freight Cargo under an Air Waybill.
  • UAE specific Annex to be endorsed by the Sri Lanka Ministry along with Sri Lanka official health certificate.

Our services for exporting pets to UAE include:

  • Dedicated Professional Pet Travel Consultant for each client
  • Collection from anywhere in the Sri Lanka in approved vehicles
  • Sri Lanka Export Veterinary Health Certificate
  • All export related formalities (Export Customs formalities / Export Quarantine formalities)
  • All Veterinary Services required (Microchipping, Blood test, Vaccinations)
  • All Veterinary Services required (Microchipping, Blood test, Vaccinations)
  • Veterinary Check before embarkation
  • The most Pet Friendly Direct Flight Organization (From Colombo to Dubai)
  • Import clearance and door-delivery in UAE (any location)
  • Pre-flight boarding if required
  • Our own office inside the Colombo International Cargo Terminal / Experienced Pet handlers / Experienced in-house Customs brokers
  • IATA certified Air Kennels (Sky Kennels) - Imported Plastic or Customized Wooden

Information about the import requirements could be discussed directly with the PET EXPRESS - Sri Lanka Team. To set up your free consultation please contact us.

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