Travelling with Pet Cats & Dogs from

Sri Lanka to United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Taking Pet Cats and Dogs from Sri Lanka to United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Travelling with Pet Cats & Dogs from Sri Lanka to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

When exporting pets from Sri Lanka to United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.), we at Pet Express can handle the complete relocation process and offer a premium door-to-door pet moving service. We closely work with accredited partner offices in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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We are an active member of IPATA and our expert team will handle the complete relocation process until the pets safely arrive in the required destination airport in the United Arab Emirates.

All pets entering United Arab Emirates are required to travel as Manifested Air Freight Cargo and thus will require a customs clearance upon arrival at the destination airport in Dubai.

Through our partner offices in Dubai, we can arrange the import permit and the customs clearance for your pets entering the United Arab Emirates.

Experts in Moving Pets from Sri Lanka to United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Our valued customers are assigned their dedicated pet travel consultant who help you through each stage of the procedure. So when you are interested in relocating your precious pets from Colombo, Sri Lanka in to United Arab Emirates (i.e. Dubai, Abu Dhabi) our team will hold your hand from start to finish.

Information about the import conditions could be discussed directly with your assigned pet relocation consultant at Pet Express.

Our Services when moving pets from Sri Lanka to UAE includes

Dedicated Pet Travel Specialist for your needs

Collection & Ground transportation in Sri Lanka

Pre-flight pet boarding services

All types of veterinary services including ISO 15 digit microchipping, vaccinations, blood tests, health certificates

OIE Approved Rabies Neutralizing Antibody Titre Test (RNATT) - Rabies Antibody Titer Test

UAE Annex & Endorsements

Export Customs Approvals / Export permits

IATA Compliant International Pet Travel Containers (Pet Travel Boxes, Sky Kennels, Vari Kennels)

Flight Booking for pets travelling as manifested air freight cargo under an Air Waybill (AWB)

Import Services in UAE through our partner network / UAE Import Permit procurement

Customs Clearance & Quarantine Clearance in Dubai, UAE

Door Delivery to your door-step anywhere within United Arab Emirates

Customized Pet Travel Services

Information about the import requirements could be discussed directly with the PET EXPRESS – Sri Lanka Team. To set up your free consultation please contact us.

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Import Regulations
when moving pets to UAE

  1. Microchip and Primary Rabies vaccination at the earliest age of 12 weeks or older.
  2. Wait until day 21 after primary rabies vaccination and do a ‘Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test’ / ‘Rabies Serology Test’ (RNATT) at an OIE approved laboratory. 
  3. The pet can be imported to UAE as soon as the results are back, no waiting period anymore.
  4. Vaccinations for dogs -> DHLP + Rabies
  5. Vaccinations for cats -> TriCat/PCH + Rabies 
  6. Both Cats & Dogs should receive preventive doses for internal & external parasites during the 14 days prior to shipment, and this is stated in the health certificate or the passport of the animal.
  7. UAE Annex must be completed and endorsed by the Government Ministry of the origin country.
  8. The origin country ministry should issue an ‘official export health certificate’ 
  9. Personal import is allowed for no more than 2 cats or 2 dogs or a dog and a cat annually, with the exception of the exit and entry of resident animals, provided that they are identified by a fixed microchip and the health requirements for import are fulfilled.
  10.  Issuance of Import permit prior to importation, issued through the MOCCAE web site (validity of permit is 30 days. It is not allowed to import pets with an expired import permit).
  11. All pets must travel to the UAE as Manifested Air Freight Cargo under an AWB. (With the exception of Etihad Airlines having the approval to fly pets in-cabin to Abu Dhabi – AUH Airport).


Ban on the following dog breeds to be imported into the United Arab Emirates 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier , American Bully, Brazilian Mastiff (Fila Brasiliero), Argentinian Mastiff (Dogo Argentino), Tibetan Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux), Boerboel, Bullmastiff, Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff), Bully Kutta (Alangu Mastiff, Indian Mastiff), Perro De Presa Canario (Canary Mastiff), Japaneese tosa, Presa Canario (**Except for those used as service animals, emotional support animals or for medical purposes and in accordance with the regulating requirements)

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