Terms of Use

Pet Express adds our fees to the price of Air Freight Fees (your pet’s “ticket”). Therefore using our services is more expensive than dealing with an airline directly, and today many airlines will require the use of a booking agent, especially internationally, and you will not be able to plan pet travel yourself. Our services will totally relieve you of the worry or stress of arranging the pet relocation yourself.

Each move is different, and costs will depend upon how much and what we do. We have a base professional fee to cover our time, and then individual components of the move are added in, per the pet owner needs.

At a minimum, we will book the flight (if the pet is travelling as air freight cargo) and handle the required documentation, export approvals, review your pet’s documents, meet you at the airport, or pick up the pet(s) from a designated address, tender the pet to the airline and pay the airline fees. The airline holds us responsible for all the components of travel.

We can also handle just the export documentation part if you intend to take the pet with you as “Excess Baggage / Checked in Baggage”.

Additional costs may be:

  1. The price of an appropriate IATA Pet Travel Container – we can also have one delivered to you in advance of travel so you can work on crate training with your pet child. This is the ideal scenario – to have the pet child used to their IATA pet travel crate so they feel safe and secure during travel.
  2. Veterinary exams, vaccines, microchipping, health certificates, treatments or blood tests as required per destination country
  3. Government endorsements for various documents / forms
  4. Ground Transportation in Sri Lanka for your pets
  5. Travel fees to a veterinary office, Government Ministry for the Health inspections
  6. Import permits and Import Licenses
  7. Notary endorsements & declarations
  8. Pre-Flight or Post-Flight Pet Boarding Services
  9. Other agents involved in the move (in other countries)
  10. Customs clearances and arrival import fees
  11. Other country requirements
  12. CITES permits
  13. Quarantine & Wildlife fees and inspections when necessary

International pet moves may require extensive veterinary work or special endorsements from either government involved. We can assist you in getting any special documentation required for international transit, and will not ship a pet until we are sure all the necessary requirements are met. These services will be at an additional cost.


Freight Costs of the Airline (the pet’s “ticket”):

Costs vary from airline to airline. Many things are taken into the account when the airlines estimate these costs, including size and weight of the pet, the dimensions of the pet crate, the route, and any special services. Pet Express does not set the price. Many pet owners are surprised to learn that the pet’s “ticket” is much more costly than their own. International fees will be finalized only after confirming with a suitable pet friendly airline.

Please complete our booking form for the estimate of fees that may be associated with your pet’s international move. Because there are so many factors affecting the pricing of a pet move, using just the items listed here will not provide an accurate reflection of the cost of your pets move.

Our first estimate will be based on the questions and answers received on the estimate form, based on what we think it will cost. Actual fees will be determined after a service agreement is signed, and may vary from the original estimate due to changes in pet shipping plans, services not originally requested, tests or vaccines required for transport, etc.

A final invoice is determined upon receipt of our forms to start a file for the move so the pet owner knows exactly what final costs will be incurred. Pet Express is not responsible for changes in airline policies or procedures, change in airline rate structures or rates determined on an incorrect crate size.

Furthermore, since rules and regulations of countries and airlines are subject to change without notice, Pet Express reserves the right to update an estimate or invoice based on unplanned changes in fees in these areas, as well as for currency exchange rate changes in the case of international moves.

Estimates / Quotes / invoices are good for 30 days. It usually takes about a week to arrange a shipment; rush shipments will incur additional expediting fees.



Pet Express accepts international wire transfers, local bank transfers, cheque payments, bank cheques and cash payments. A 50% deposit will be required when a contract is signed with Pet Express, and the remainder would be required to be settled at least 14 days prior to the travel date. An itemized invoice will be provided.


Refund Policy:

Cancellations made within 30 days before the pet’s flight forfeit the deposit and any other costs already paid out (boarding or veterinary fees for example).

We can hold our professional fee & deposit to be used within a four month time frame should extenuating circumstances unexpectedly delay your move at the last minute.



‘International Pet Travel Insurance’ is not included in our charges.


Note About Phishing Scams:

Please note that Pet Express is a Pet Transportation company and does not sell any pets. If you receive any emails or marketing material showing our brand name, logo asking for any unsolicited payments for pets being sold please be careful. Please send us any scam/phishing emails you have received by reporting them here to info@petexpress.lk. If you have received an email that you believe to be a phishing scam please remember that it is very common for these scams to be redistributed at a later date with only slightly different content, such as a different subject or return address, or with the fake webpage(s) hosted on a different webserver. We aim to report every variant of the scams we receive, so even if it appears that a scam you receive has already been reported, please submit it to us anyway.