Regulations for Non-Commercial Pet Movements from Sri Lanka to Norway

Here are the entry regulations for non-commercial import of pets to Norway:

Non-commercial pets can only arrive between 5 days before or after the owner.

Due to Customs working hours ( 0800-1530 on week-days only), all pets must arrive in Oslo airport before 1200 hours.  If the arrival is later, the clearance can be done by the owner at the Customs office at the passenger terminal until late.

The owner must have a Norwegian ID number. 

Foreign citizens must apply for a temporary ID number  to be used only for clearance of the pet(s)

The pet owner must provide clear evidence for the ownership for the pet for at least one year.

Pets arriving from an EU Country, will be checked by the Boarder Inspection at the first port of entry into the EU.

Pets arriving on a direct flight from a Non-EU Country, will be checked by the Boarder Inspection at Oslo Airport.

Commercial Pet moves under a Commercial EU Annex from Sri Lanka to Norway is strictly regulated, and all enquiries must be sent to the Boarder Inspection which is a part of the Norwegian Food Safety Authorities well in advance and prior approval must be obtained.

Please talk to Pet Express so we can check with our partner offices in Oslo, Norway and advise you on this matter.

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