Transporting Pet Cats & Dogs from Sri Lanka to New Zealand

As per the current regulations set by the Government of New Zealand, it is not possible to send your pet(s) directly from Sri Lanka to New Zealand.

This is because, Sri Lanka has been classified as a “Non-Approved country / High Risk Rabies Country”. 

Nonetheless, the Government of New Zealand has given a solution for pets travelling from Non-approved countries such as Sri Lanka to enter New Zealand.

Accordingly, we will have to transport your pet(s) from Sri Lanka to an approved (Rabies Controlled or Rabies Free Country) known as  approved countries eg: Category 2 or 3 and keep the pet there for a minimum of 06 months before the pet can enter New Zealand.

We at Pet Express suggest to keep the pet(s) in Singapore during the 6 month period considering the service standards offered. 

All pets (cats & dogs) require a microchip, primary rabies vaccine and also pass an RNATT before travelling from Sri Lanka to Singapore. Booking quarantine space for pets in Singapore has to be done about 1-2 months in advance prior to travel date. All pets will be quarantined upon arrival in Singapore at the Government Quarantine Station in Sembawang for 30 days before being transferred to our partner boarding kennels/cattery. 

The pet will be subject to a few vaccinations during the time in Singapore. The process can get more complicated for pet dogs as there are few blood tests to be done for blood parasites whilst in Singapore before flying to New Zealand. (Such as Brucella canis, Babesia Gibsoni, Heartworm / Dirofilaria immitis & prevention Jab). It is important that we do these Canine disease tests to make sure your pet dog doesn’t fail any test whilst in Singapore. However there is a risk of passing the test in Sri Lanka and failing the test in Singapore. There are always risks as you can see. The pet dog(s) will not be eligible to enter New Zealand until all blood tests become Negative.   

Provided that your pet fulfils all the entry requirements set by the Government of New Zealand, we can obtain the Import Permit from New Zealand and transport your pets from Singapore to the destination airport in New Zealand.

Upon arrival in New Zealand, the pet(s) will be quarantined for minimum 10 days before being released to the pet owner. 

We have excellent partner offices in Singapore and in New Zealand so we can handle the complete process from door-to-door.

As you can see, its a complex process which will be quite expensive. Please talk to us if you need any additional information or our help to transport your pet(s) from Sri Lanka to New Zealand.

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