Travelling with Pet Cats & Dogs from Sri Lanka to Moscow, Russia

We at Pet Express and our partner offices in Moscow can assist you in safely transporting your precious pets from Colombo Sri Lanka to DME/SVO Moscow Russia.

Here are the Health Requirements/Documents required for import of pets arriving unaccompanied to Moscow (DME/SVO):

  1. Microchip and Rabies vaccination at the minimum age of 03 months and then wait for 30 days before travelling – **youngest age for the puppy to travel would be 04 months
  2. Pet passport / vaccination history – including up to date vaccines. Rabies vaccine must have been given within the past 12 months, but not less than 31 days prior to arrival in Russia
  3. International health certificate endorsed by government vet at country of origin, respecting the validity of the certificate in the country of origin.
  4. Form 15- Russia Health Certificate endorsed by Sri Lanka Government which we will arrange
  5. Tick and Tapeworm treatment before embarkation which we will arrange.
  6. The pet needs to be perfectly healthy and free from any open wounds, skin rashes etc at the time of travel. We can look after the pet and provide veterinary care until the pet is ready for travel.

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